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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geckos On the Move!

In November we began a lunch time program at Laie called Geckos On the Move! Our kids are running around a designated track during lunch time 1-2 times per week.  They get their laps counted on a card and every 3 miles, they earn a toe-token! The kids are really enjoying running and counting their laps! Our goal is to have as many kids as possible run an entire *marathon* (26 miles) over the course of the year! Many are well on their way--we have some serious runners at our school!

We started running the beginning of November, and you won't believe the miles our kids have ran so far!

1st Grade:
Mrs. Elkington's class--60 miles
Mrs. Butterworth's class--52 miles
Mr. Kiyono--39 miles
Mrs. Campbell/Heimuli --61 miles
Ms. Hagen--71

total: 283 miles ***Grade with the most miles run!***

2nd Grade:
Mrs. Chang--47 miles
Mrs. Orion--79 miles ***class with the most miles run!***
Mrs. Kitagawa--58
Mrs. Sao--40

total: 224 miles

3rd Grade:
Mr. G--36
Ms. Ah You--43
Mrs. Steward--55
Mrs. Hontanosas--38

total: 172 miles

4th Grade:
Ms. Ah Sue--37
Ms. Betham--34
Ms. Whetton--54
Ms. Keliikuli--44

total: 169

5th Grade:

total: 99

6th Grade:

total: 60

Grand Total miles run: 1,007 -- that is like running around the entire island of Oahu over 4 times!!

Go Laie Geckos! Keep up the GREAT running!!

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