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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Question of the Week

  • What are some ideas you have seen at other schools that you think might work well at Laie Elementary School?
  • What new ideas do you have for Laie?

Please comment on this post as we would love your input!


The Perez Family said...

I noticed that Capri Sun drinks have a school fund raising opportunities similar to Box Tops. Perhaps LES could collect empty Capri Sun juice "containers" to help raise money for the school just like we do with box tops

- Rose Perez

hughes family said...

Geckos On the Move!

At another school my kids attended, they participated in a fun program called "On the Move". It is a program that promotes healthy activity during recess time. We recently started this program here at Laie--we call it Geckos On the Move! And guess what? Our kids are MOVING!! At lunch recess on certain days, we set up a track around the fields and the kids can run around the track. We mark their laps and check off whenever they have completed a mile. Every 3 miles they get a small award called a "toe token". We would love to award the kids who by the end of the year complete a marathon--26 miles! We want to try to run "on the move" at least once a week for each field--and more if we have volunteers. The kids all love it and always ask when we are coming again.
The program has been running for 2 weeks now and I am excited to share our amazing results!
From grades k-6 we have had a total of 348 runners going around the track and they have run a grand total of 545 miles! The 1st graders lead the miles, running 171 miles so far.
I am so impressed with these kids. We have some real, serious runners in our school! The goal is that kids get out and move during lunch recess and this provides them a structured, fun, motivating way to do so.
Thank you to all the kids who are running and our great volunteers!
If you are interested in volunteering and helping with this program, contact Megan Hughes 729-1976 or Emily Bradshaw.