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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PTCO Bulletin 11-15-10


Wed., Nov. 24
-Turkey Trot! Kam Field 8:30am
-LSCC meeting! 3:30pm-5pm in the conference room. We will be discussing the School Surveys that were recently sent home and the Academic and financial plans for upcoming years.


Fall Play DVD's are done!  Come before school this  Wednesday, Nov. 17, or Friday from 7:40 - 8 a.m. to pick them up in the Cafeteria.  Or call Laura Blum at 293-1893, email laurabethblum@yahoo.com.  We are not selling them,  but will accept donations to cover the cost of production and costumes.

Question of the Week  ?????? We want to hear from parents, and sometimes, it seems like everyone is too busy for a face-to-face meeting.  Come talk on the PTCO blog!!  Each week, we will have a question for each of you to reply to.  For this week, what are some ideas you have seen at other schools that you think might work well at Laie Elementary School?  What new ideas do you have for Laie?  Just click here to put in your ideas.  We want the blog to be a forum for parents to share ideas, make suggestions, and contribute pictures and information.  Go see what others have to say! 

Win a dinner for two at Surfin' Tacos!!  Take a picture of your super citizen in his or her healthy lei, and email the photo with the child's name to thelaiebulletin@gmail.com.  We'll post on our PTCO blog.  Also, email pictures of your child's nutritious class birthday or holiday party.  Every time you send us a picture with your child's name, we'll enter your child in a drawing for dinner for two -- thank you to Surfin' Tacos for sponsoring this!  This doesn't mean you have to create broccoli and cauliflower leis (unless you want to).  Healthy leis could be silly band leis, popcorn leis, crayon and marker leis, inflatables -- anything but candy.  Share your pictures!!! Let's get creative in celebrating the healthy way!  ***We assume that if you send us a picture, you are giving us permission to post it on the blog.

This year's IMPACT Award will be starting up again on Nov. 1st! The award will be given monthly and will include grades K-6. Criteria: Students/Teachers may nominate individuals from their respective school who are noticed  doing any of the actions in an exemplary way; Teamwork, Respect, Kindness, Friendliness, Understanding, Service, Support, Protecting, Going the Extra Mile, and Standing Up for Each Other. Please submit your nomination at the front office!

Playground Equipment
Although the playground equipment on the kindergarten area and on Kanahele Field look completed, we are still waiting for the finishing touches and inspections by both the contractor and the DOE. We cannot open the playground until this is completed. Please bear with the inconvenience for just a while longer. Our students have been very patient with the process, but I am aware children are playing on the new equipment during non-school hours. For the safety of everyone, inform your child(ren) no one should be playing on the equipment until it is officially opened. It would be unfortunate if someone got hurt, or the playground equipment gets damaged before it is even opened for our students. Thank you.    ~ Mr. Ho


Kahuku Library:
Mon., Nov. 15 – Kahuku Bookmobile #2,
Tues., Nov 16  Holiday Cards with Shawna Bielmann at 6:30pm, Poetry Night with Peggy Baxter-Barnhart at  6:30pm.
Wed., Nov 17 – After School Club 1pm.
Thurs., Nov. 18– Keiki Storytime! 10am

Save Money on Groceries!
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Check out this website and sign up to be a member and save on shipping or if you don't want to become a member, just start shopping for name brand food items and have them delivered to your door!!   http://www.mpbtoday.com/makeendsmeet  If you have any questions at all, please contact Summer Kester at 542-2179
**If you would like to advertise in this bulletin, we are happy to publicize opportunities that enrich our school community. Be aware that Laie Elementary school does not sponsor or endorse any of the listed businesses in this bulletin. Mahalo!**

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