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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mrs. Tueller's SFA class WRITES!

Trip to Utah

By Cavin Pukahi

My trip was nice. The thing that was horrible
was that we had to fly to L.A. There we had to stay
for 4 hours. We missed 2 of them so we waited
outside for a hotel shuttle.

We were going to the Hilton LAX. It was a nice
hotel. We were on floor 14, room 1469. For
breakfast, we had Carl’s Junior. Our flight back was
delayed and we had to wait 3 hours to come back.

The snow was beautiful when it fell.

The Three Cowboys

By Eli Chamberlain

One day a cowboy was in his tent, waiting for his team. His name was Crusher. So Crusher went outside to see if his team was just talking out there, but they weren’t. They were hanging on a cliff, stuck down into the forest.
He called, “Guys?”
They didn’t answer but he saw them and they saw him. Crusher reached for their hands but they fell down into the foggy air. An eagle came swooping down, caught them, and put them on the ground.
One of the guys’ names was Crackler. The other one’s name was Mate. Crackler was a ninja. Mate was a pirate.
The next day, Crusher was in his tent with a tiger. With a tiger?!
“Wow,” said Crusher, “a tiger!”
He woke everybody up. Crackler took out his sword and sliced the tiger in half.
“There,” Crackler said.
“Let’s go outside,” said Mate.
So they went outside. They found a super-ultra-mega golden sword. It turned into three swords so they split them up so that each person had a sword.
“Tomorrow is war,” Mate said.
“We need to get our weapons ready,” said Crusher.
So they put their swords in their sword holders and their guns and swords in their backpacks and got ready for war.
The next day, they were at war. They got their bazookas out. POW! BOOM! CHOW! They shot and threw. KABOOM! They threw their grenades. BOOOOM!
They got Rager the buffalo and it ran into so many guys and they all DIED.
“Wow,” Mate said.
“Awesome,” Crackler said.
“Cool,” Crusher said, “that was the best war.”
“’Cause that was our first war,” said Mate.
“Duh,” said Crackler.
“Now what are we gonna do?” said Mate.
“We are gonna go to the…the…the…beach!” said Crusher.
“Okay,” said Crackler.
“Let’s go,” said Mate.
So they brought their boat.
“Let’s bring a tent,” said Crackler.
So they were at the beach, setting up camp. Once they were done, they went way, way out to another island. On the way, they saw sharks and all kinds of fish. They put their anchor down and jumped in the water.


By Mamoe Manumaleuna

Chapter 1

For my birthday, I wanted a motorcycle. I wanted it to be a red Honda. I got a green KDX 50 for Christmas. When my Mom and Dad went to town, they put my green motorcycle in back of my Mom’s car. They sold my motorcycle. When I called them, they said they sold my green motorcycle to get a bigger one for me because the green motorcycle was too little.

When I was talking to my Mom, she said, “When Dad’s on his way home from work, he can go look for another motorcycle.”
But when they came home from town, I asked them if they had my new motorcycle.

My Mom said, “No.”

I was sad.

My Mom said, “Go get the baby car seat.”

When I went to go get the baby car seat, I saw my new red Honda motorcycle.

Chapter 2

My Dad’s motorcycle is a Honda 150. His bike has 4 gears. His can go faster than mine. His can do a pop-a-wheelie. It is cool. He can go up in the air and do tricks. His motorcycle is heavy. It is red and white just like mine.

On my Dad’s motorcycle you cannot stay on one gear but on mine you can stay on one gear. If you stay on one gear on my Dad’s bike you might die out and you have to start it again. If you go in the sand it is hard to switch gears.
My Dad’s motorcycle can go faster than a car and mine can go faster than a car too.

My Dad got his motorcycle when he was coming home from work. His friend called him and said, “You want this motorcycle for $150?

“Yeah, sure” my Dad said.

So he said he would go pick it up after his work.

Chapter 3
Me and my Dad go riding in the front Cricket Field and the back Cricket Field. We go up in the mountain. The hills are steep. I can climb the hill.

One time when me and my dad went riding in the mountains, I ran out of gas. So I had to walk my motorcycle all the way home.

Chapter 4
I like to ride my motorcycle at Cricket Field. My cousins wanted me to pack them on my motorcycle. Their parents said no, so they got mad at me. I rode away on my motorcycle.

When I came back, my cousins asked their parents, “Can MJ pack me?”

They said, “Okay.”

So I took them to ride around Cricket Field two times. I was running out of gas so I had to ride my motorcycle home and grab the big gas tank.


By Olivia Tueller

Once upon a time there was a girl named Buttercup. She lived in Fairy Land. She had a friend named Lucy. She and Lucy owned a store. It was called Buttercup’s Wardrobe. One time a robber destroyed Buttercup’s store.
All the dresses were ruined! Everything! Lucy’s little sister’s dress was ruined, and Buttercup’s little sister’s dress was ruined, too.

They had to find a way to find the robber.

“Maybe it was Blueberry Black!” said Lucy.

They knocked on Blueberry Black’s door. They asked her if she had stolen and messed up their dresses. But Blueberry Black was sneaky.

She said, “Children, children, come sit by the fire with me.”

But then she caught them in her arms. Finally they were able to get out of Blueberry Black’s arms. Then Blueberry Black promised that she would fix the dresses and sew them back. Everybody cheered. Buttercup’s Wardrobe was put back together. Everybody was rushing inside Buttercup’s store.

“Back as usual,” said Buttercup.

The End.

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